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Mass Schedule
In Polish and English, with elements of Latin and Spanish.
Eucharistic Adoration
Thu3:00pm - 6:00pm
Mon-FriAfter 8:00 AM Mass
Sat4:00 - 4:20pm
SunBefore each mass (time permitting)
Divine Mercy Devotion
Devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe
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Our Patron
St. Bruno, 1030-1101

Saint Bruno
St. Bruno, the founder of the Cartusian Order of Monks, was at first not a hermit at all, but rather a famous priest-teacher in his own country of France. For eighteen years he taught very learned men and tried his best to lead them close to God. After some time, he was made chancellor of the diocese of Rheims.
Bruno did not take delight in the honors that had come to him. His heart began to long to be alone with Jesus, and soon he gave up his position right before he was about to be chosen Archbishop of the great city of Rheims.
St Hugh of Grenoble gave Bruno and his friends some hidden dessert land called Chartreuse, and there they built a church and little huts to live in. This was the beginning of the Cartusian Order. They were very happy there. Working their fields, fasting, and praying.
After six years, however, the Pope required a great sacrifice of Bruno. He asked him to go to Rome to be his advisor. It broke the Saint’s heart , but he obeyed and left one of the monks in charge at Chartreuse.
He served Pope Urban II well, until finally Holy Father allowed him to be a monk again, but nearer to Rome. So with new disciples, he began al over in Italy.
As we know by his letter, St. Bruno was always a cheerful, active man, who did not want to see any of his monks sad. He described their life as hard. Just before he died, Bruno made his confession out loud before his monks and then professed his faith for the last time.
God loves those who serve Him with joy. St. Bruno said, “Try, and you will see how sweet and rewarding it is to serve God with all the love of your heart.”